Hilton Hotel Employee

As a Hilton Hotel Employee, you stand to benefit from a number of services provided by Hilton Hotel. Foremost; there are some steps to fulfill before joining the Hilton Hotel family. The steps are as explained at www.hilton.com/tmtp:

• Confirm your location at hilton.com/tmtp. This is usually important to enable you look for any hotel that you want. Upon confirmation, you may save the information so entered to enable you log in to the Hilton website hassle-free. In most cases, cookies will help you recall your log in details.

• The next step is seeking the best available hotel. If for instance you are looking for Hilton Hotel preferred destination and dates, then this must be made in form of a booking. Remember that for hotels such as Hilton, you should make a reservation as early as possible, say one year in advance.

• It is usually recommended that that you select the best available hotel. You should be able to use the Team Members or the Hilton Family Travel Program. Discounts for such privileges depend on room type, hotel and to some extent, the brand.

• Room reservation is very important. For you to do this as a Hilton Hotel Employee, then you should furnish some personal details and a credit card number in order to get confirmation for your room. Remember that no availability of a room can be guaranteed even if you are a Hilton Hotel Employee…till you make a reservation for one.

• The last step to benefiting from this program as a Hilton Employee is obtaining a passport. AIso is very vital that you obtain this travel document and give the details to the Human Resource Departments or the General Manager. There are two main categories involved here namely, the Hilton Family Travel Passport or the Travel passport. Whichever the case, you will also be needed to have with you a photo of you for identification.

Hilton Employee rate

What is Hilton Employee Rate? Well, there are discounted rates provided for Hilton employees which depend on such factors such as availability, brand and room type. For Hilton TMTP program, the individual determines the rate, together with the hotel in question as well as the brand and the type of room. For instance, doubletree Club, Hampton Inn, Hampton Inn & Suites or Home2 Suites, the Hilton Employee rate as determined by the employee will come to $29 per night for the team member rate whereas the Family rate will be set as a percentage determined by the individual hotels.

Employee discount

The employee discount rates applies for Hilton premium properties, Conrad Hotels and Resorts (Miami, Indianapolis, Las Vegas and Chicago) and The Waldorf Astoria in NYC. For the aforementioned, the employee discount rates applicable in each case are 50%. As a Hilton Hotel Employee, you stand to make great saving for your reservations in this hotel. It is important, however, to bear in mind that these employee discount rates are based on standard rooms and prior booking arrangement. If you are into employee discount for premium properties, then you should get in touch with a Human Resource Representative to assist you.